RoxWrite solves underwriting inefficiencies.

Underwrite applicants in minutes within a single platform.

Scalable, Efficient Underwriting

A single platform to solve all of your underwriting needs.

Scale your factoring team’s ability to service applicants, reduce redundancies, and close more deals!

Single Platform


Enter applicant information only once! Checking multiple sites and duplicated work are eliminated.

Scoring System


Customizable scoring metric that enables you to rate applicants fast.

Report Generation


Summarize and compile all required filings, reports, and closing documents.

API Integration


Robust API that allows integration with multiple providers.

Automate UCC Filings


Automatically search, file, and monitor UCC filings.

Streamlined Communications


Onboard and communicate with applicants automatically via emails all within the same platform.

Rox, efficient underwriting for factors.

Empower your team, free up time, and save on costs!

How RoxWrite Works

We know how it feels to check multiple websites and re-enter applicant information on each platform.

Rox saves you time by pulling required credit and other information from trusted bureaus.

From new applicant to ‘approved’ in no time!

  Credit Risk Assessed

After the applicant’s information is entered, we automatically pull credit reports.

Applicant Scored

A score is assigned to each applicant based on customizable configuration within the platform.

Reports Generated

Required documents are generated in RoxWrite for easy accessibility and review.

Why is Rox the best?

Underwriting is burdened with manual processes. We fix that!

How RoxWrite is Different

We are underwriting experts with deep industry knowledge!

The platform was built with efficiency first of mind.

Rox offers simple and transparent pricing.

Simple Pricing


Rox is billed by usage, not by the number of people on your team or the size of your deals. Clear pricing means no surprises.



Having been underwriters we know the frustrations of multi-systems, long lead times, and impatient applicants.

Interested in a demo or learning more?

Regardless of how big your underwriting team is, we’d love to hear from you. Send a message with some basic information and we’ll be in touch shortly. Or just call us!